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Important Information: Hurricane Irma & Contractors

With the recent disaster we all just experienced, we feel it is necessary to bring awareness once again to an area that seems forgotten at times. The aftermath of Hurricane Irma thus far is only the beginning. What could be worse than the mess, is the aftermath. I want to share a story with all of you that happened recently, that I feel is very important for the protection of everyone in the community.

I am a State Certified Class A Air Conditioning Contractor. My partner and I, own and operate Always Honest Air, which is a properly licensed and insured local business.

I had a friend refer a client to me 2 days after the hurricane. This woman and her husband, an elderly couple, had just got power back and their ac wasn’t cooling properly. They were in need of a service call. I reached out to them to schedule the call and ask a few questions about what was going on. While scheduling she asked ME the most important question of all… “Sir, before we schedule, would it be too much to ask for your license number?”. I was completely taken back by this question! A question no one ever asked! Ever! My response was “Ma’am, I have to tell you, I am very proud of you for asking me that question! I wish there were more clients like you that asked the same”. I proceeded to provide her with our license number and would have been proud to provide our insurance information if requested.

With this type of disaster there will be countless contractors or “impostors” flooding our market providing unlicensed services. They will be everywhere! They will be cheaper! Much cheaper! However, the risk involved as consumers is not worth saving a few bucks. We all just battled for the last 2 weeks to protect our homes, our families, our investments. It’s important we also protect ourselves and our community from this type of activity. Not to mention this is a crime. These crimes are punishable as misdemeanors and in many cases, a felony.

Your licensed and insured contractors work very hard to conduct business professionally and legally. This decision is within your best interest and the interest of your neighbors.

I wish all of you the very best and in hopes you fared well in this recent disaster of Hurricane Irma. WE WILL REBUILD! WE WILL BE STRONGER! WE WILL STAND TOGETHER!

Chris Wilson

Vice President

Always Honest Air

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